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Sat, Nov. 24th, 2007, 11:32 am
The XXVIII Amendment: Your right not to be offended.

Is it just me, or has the idea that "you have the right not to be offended" has usurped all political and social power in the United States?

It's killed freedom of speech.

This is a little bit old example, but it's a good one. When Michael Richards AKA Kramer, said "nigger," he was treated like a criminal. He was brought on trial by the American media, forced to confess, forced to apologize, and forced to retract his statement. And from now on, his life and career have been ruined because he SAID something that people don't like.

I don't condone racism. It makes me really uncomfortable, but in a free country, someone should be able to say whatever they feel, about whoever they feel. That's freedom of speech.

Yet, more and more we are living in a country where people think they have the right not to be offended. People think that if someone offends them, they have the right to silence that person. And what's sad is, most people seem to think that it's ok.

Worst of all, what happens on TV seems to have taken importance over what happens in reality. People are offended by the word "fuck" so we can't say "fuck" on TV. People are offended by smoking, so we can't show people smoking on TV. People are offended by tits and ass, so we can't show tits and ass on TV. People are offended by racial slurs and sexist statements, so we can't make racial slurs or sexist statements (unless they're about white people or men, of course) on TV. If someone says "fuck" or smokes or shows tits and ass on or makes a racial slur or sexist statement on TV, you'd think the heavens rained down fire and frogs and locusts and boils and sores and dead babies.

Yet, who among us hasn't said or heard "fuck," or smoked or watched someone smoke, seen or shown tits and ass, said or listened to racist/sexist comments in our real lives? It's somehow worse when it happens on TV....in the fantasy world...than when it happens in reality.

I'm very offended by "The Simple Life." I think it's a stupid waste of video and money and time. I don't understand how anyone could waste hours of their lives watching it. I don't want it banned. I just don't want to see it. I haven't started a blog or written my congressman or organized a protest about what a bad influence it is on children and how it gives people dangerous ideas and how it should be pulled off the air. So you know what I do if it comes on? I DON'T WATCH IT! I CHANGE THE CHANNEL, or better yet, turn the TV off, because most of TV offends me with how boring and poorly written and redundant it is.

Plain and simple. People seem to forget that they always have a choice. They'd rather have Big Brother protect them than have to think and do for themselves.

I'm frightened that we're letting people believe, "You are too weak to live with freedom. You're too weak to make your own decisions to change channels, boycott stores, and ignore what other people say. So we're going to take away everything that offends you so that you can live in peace."

That does not sound like a free country to me.