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Mon, Nov. 26th, 2007, 09:38 pm


According to this study, illegals are not a burden on healthcare. However, I don't like how this study only compares Hispanics.

This study says that illegal Hispanics go to doctors a lot less than legal Hispanics. But what does that mean to society? Do legal Hispanics go to the doctor the same amount as everyone else?

And why is this only mostly about Mexicans? Provided, according to this study, about half of the illegals are from Mexico....what about the other illegals? Why do we only seem to care about what the illegal Mexicans are doing? There are other law breakers too. Why aren't we finding out about them?


Whether the illegals go to the doctor once a year or once a decade, I still don't want to pay for it. So why is it being played up like that? Are we supposed to wait until they ARE a burden?