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Sun, Jan. 6th, 2008, 10:05 pm

Diversity is gay.

Here's why......

In reality, diversity doesn't exist. In reality, there is never a group of friends that consists of one black, one white, one hispanic, one asian, one handicapped, one covered in tattoos, one businessman, one with 8 nipples.....NEVER!

In the real world, races aren't equal. In most places, the lighter your skin, the better, but not where I live. In my city, being white is a punishment. You can't get a job if you're white. You can't get good service if you're white. You can't stand up for yourself and your beliefs if you're white. You're an instant racist if you're white.

Walk into any government office, NONE of the employees are white. Look at any job ad, "Minorities are encouraged to apply," meaning, "Whitey need not apply." Watch the news, none of the reporters or subjects are white.

Yet, this is somehow good? It's good because my city has "diversity?"

But, the truth is the real racism exists within the communities of non-whites. Japanese hate Chinese. Light skinned blacks hate dark skinned blacks. Non-Mexican hispanics hate Mexicans. How do I know? THEY'VE TOLD ME. Several different people in all of these groups have told me...and not the way you think.

It's never a dark skinned woman telling me, "My family treats me badly because my skin is dark, but they treat my sister well because her skin is light." It's a light skinned woman telling me, "Yeah, we don't like my little sister...she's so dark."

It's never a Mexican telling me, "Everyone looks down on us." It's a woman from El Salvador and a man from Puerto Rico saying, "Mexicans are so stupid and their Spanish sounds awful. It's like the Mexican hat dance every time they talk."

It's never Chinese telling me, "Japanese people treat us like we're low class." It's Japanese telling me, "Oh, the Chinese are so dirty and uneducated and have such bad fashion."

Oh, but I'm white, so I must just be making this all up.

Diversity is a lie....a sham....a con-art. No one likes diversity except a bunch of lying hippies who PRETEND to like it...and they only like it because other hippies like them told them that they should.

So now a story is supposed to be more interesting, a photograph is supposed to be more beautiful, and a univeristy is supposed to be more credible only if they all include equal amounts of people of all colors.

The only thing I can't figure out is....why does it seem like everything is "Equal Opportunity" until a non-white person takes over?