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Sat, Nov. 24th, 2007, 10:35 am


What do you think is the cause of America's obesity problem?

What Americans ARE starved forCollapse )

Tue, Nov. 13th, 2007, 11:56 pm

What the hell is going on in the world?


Is there no end?

....and why does everyone want Americans to pay for it?!

Tue, Nov. 13th, 2007, 09:14 pm


Should our taxes pay for their classes?

Sat, Nov. 10th, 2007, 11:43 am


This is bullshit. Plain and simple.

Thu, Nov. 8th, 2007, 12:17 pm

Anyone paying attention to the news lately should be well aware of the drought issue in Georgia. It's gotten to the point where we're considering help from FEMA. Most of the Atlanta area has 100% outdoor watering bans (no watering your lawn or flowers, no washing your car, no washing the outside of your house, etc.), which, if caught, you could face up to a $1000 fine depending on the city or county. Worse than that, some cities and counties have even gone to the point of limiting the household water allowance per person.

This is an extremely serious issue...it may not be long before Georgia taps ACTUALLY run dry!

I live in Gwinnett county, which is one of the counties with very strict water regulations. We've been given a month to conserve water by 15% or face fines from the state. However, guess what my neighbor saw at about 7:30 this morning? Another neighbor shamelessly watering his yard. Even the street was wet from the water. If you find someone violating the outdoor water ban, you can call the police. If the police come, they dig a small whole in the yard and take a soil sample to measure moisture. If moisture is shown in a certain part of the soil, automatic fine.

So, my question to you is:

Poll #1085203 Georgia Water Snitch

If you lived in a county with a 100% watering ban and you caught a neighbor watering his lawn, would you call the police?


Why or why not?

Wed, Nov. 7th, 2007, 05:31 pm

Apparently, libertarians are on the rise. Provided, 35 our of 50 states did not have any libertarian candidates, that still means that 15 states did! It sounds like a drop in the bucket, but it is a huge increase from past years. Libertarian candidates were placed in 14 local government offices. Of the 15 states that had liberarian candidates, seven of those states elected libertarian candidates to at least one office.

More and more people are getting the message that the US needs to restore liberty to its people.

Borrowed from http://www.lp.org.

Libertarian Candidates
Election Results
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
Santa Barbara City CouncilDan Litten4.7% - FINAL
Longmont City Council
Paul Tiger
11.7% - FINAL
Golden City Council District 2
Steven Gallant
19.6% - FINAL
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
Acworth Board of Aldermen
Heather Hibben
Duluth City Council
Wilson Garrett
Hampton City Council
Joshua Patterson
15% - FINAL
No known candidates
Davenport Alderman, Ward 5Bill LynnWINNER!
Caldwell City Council, Seat 4
Rob Oates
No known candidates
Anderson City Council At Large
Greg Noland
2.7% - FINAL
Beech Grove City Council At Large
Dennis Wilson
3.6% - FINAL
Clarksville Town Council, District 2
Greg Hertzsch
20.6% FINAL
Elkhart Common Council District 6
Rick Bowen
Ft. Wayne City Council, At Large
William Larsen
Ft. Wayne City Council, At Large
Doug Horner
Ft. Wayne City Council, At Large
Michael Brightbill
Ft. Wayne City Council, District 1
Byron Peters
Ft. Wayne City Council, District 2
Jon Bartels
Ft. Wayne City Council, District 3
Gloria Diaz
Ft. Wayne City Council, District 5
Robert Fuller
Ft. Wayne City Council, District 6
Robert Enders
Georgetown Town Council
Mike Martin
4.2% - FINAL
Hagerstown Town Council
Gayle Bond
22.7% - FINAL
Indianapolis City Council, At Large
Kevin Fleming
1.5% - FINAL
Indianapolis City Council, District 13
Bob Djordjevich
2.7% - FINAL
Indianapolis City Council, District 22
Mohinder Dindiyal
3.1% - FINAL
Indianapolis City-County Council, At Large
Timothy Maguire
2% - FINAL
Indianapolis City-County Council, At Large
Webster Smith
1.3% - FINAL
Indianapolis City-County Council, At Large
Allison Maguire
2% - FINAL
Indianapolis City-County Council, District 1
Margaret Kantz
2.9% - FINAL
Indianapolis City-County Council, District 16
Paul Dijak-Robinson
3.4% - FINAL
Indianapolis City-County Council, District 21
Barry Campbell
3.7% - FINAL
LaPorte City Council
Fred Lutterman
37% - FINAL
LaPorte City Council
Michael Lisak
32% - FINAL
Lawrence City Council, District 2
Eric Barnes
1.9% - FINAL
Lawrence Mayor
Chris Ward
1.9% - FINAL
Indianapolis Mayor
Fred Peterson
2.3% - FINAL
New Albany City Council, District 3
Thomas Keister
4% - FINAL
Terre Haute City Council
Kevin Ward
5.7% - FINAL
Hagerstown Town Court Judge
Susan Bell
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
Owasso City Council
Mark Owen
Hazel Park City Council
Andy LeCureaux
Port Huron City Council, At Large
Mark Byrne
Garden City City Council
Dave Nagy
6% - FINAL
Troy City Council
David Eisenbacher
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
New Hampshire
No known candidates
New Jersey
State Assembly, District 14
Ray Cragle
1% - FINAL
State Assembly, District 14
Jason Scheurer
2% - FINAL
State Assembly, District 21
Jeff Hetrick
1% - FINAL
State Assembly, District 21
Darren Young
1% - FINAL
State Assembly, District 22
Dolores Makrogiannis
2% - FINAL
State Assembly, District 22
Sean Christopher Colon
2% - FINAL
State Assembly, District 26
Ken Kaplan
1% - FINAL
State Assembly, District 40
Derek DeMarco
1% - FINAL
State Assembly, District 40
Paul Tahan
1% - FINAL
State Senate, District 10
Jim Miller
4% - FINAL
New Mexico
No known candidates
New York
Ardsley Mayor
Jon Levine
19% - FINAL
Rochester Commissioner of Schools, At Large
Max Kessler
1% - FINAL
Rochester Commissioner of Schools, At Large
Chris Edes
1% - FINAL
Suffolk County Executive
Estelle Edwards
1.45% - FINAL
North Carolina
Huntersville Town Board, At Large
Chris Cole
4% - FINAL
Knightdale Town Council
Milton Hotard
4.9% - FINAL
Lenoir City Council, At Large
T. J. Rohr
Roxobel Town Commissioner, At Large
Henry Boschen
North Dakota
No known candidates
Gahanna City Council
John McAlister
Bexley Mayor
Travis Irvine
5% - FINAL
Beavercreek City Council
Luke McKellar
6.9% - FINAL
City Council, Ward 1
Paul Conroy
18% - FINAL
No known candidates
No known candidates
Borough CouncilMary Lea LucasWINNER!
Clarion County AuditorBerlie Etzel11.1% - FINAL
Clarion County CommissionerMichael Robertson5.3% - FINAL
Avis Borough MayorMyron DietrickWINNER!
Pittsburgh MayorTony Oliva.75% - FINAL
Abington Commissioner, Ward 13Jude Hanrahan1.3% - FINAL
Pittsburgh City ControllerMark Rauterkus10.4% -FINAL
Pittsburgh City Council, District 3Mark Rauterkus13% - FINAL
Selinsgrove Borough CouncilErik VikerWINNER!
Venango County CommissionerVance Mays5.7% - FINAL
Landenberg Township SupervisorDavid OwensWINNER!
Rhode Island
No known candidates
South Carolina
No known candidates
South Dakota
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates
Henrico County Supervisor, Brookland District
Matthew Martin
6.95% FINAL
Henrico County Supervisor, Tuckahoe District
George Marchenko
21.61% - FINAL
State Senate, District 14
Donald Tabor
28.8% - FINAL
State Senate, District 24
Arin Sime
7.7% - FINAL
No known candidates
West Virginia
No known candidates
No known candidates
No known candidates

Tue, Nov. 6th, 2007, 01:22 pm

Your children's rights to legal search and seizure may be at stake.


So far, this is only being tested in the United Kingdom, but it won't be long before it becomes widely used.

The UK is very, very Big Brother.  I lived there in the summer of 2000.  There are video cameras literally, every meter.  This is not something we want to take after.  

Surveillence DOES NOT prevent crime.  We have video surveillence of the 9/11 terrorists getting on the planes.  Did that prevent 9/11 from happening?  

Day after day, we see video surveillence of theives, murderers, rapists.  Did that prevent any of those crimes from happening?

Arguably, it may help detectives find the criminals, but I'd really like to see a mathematical figure of how many criminals have actually been caught using video surveillence.

The world has NOT become a safer place thanks to video cameras.

Tue, Nov. 6th, 2007, 01:04 pm

Contrary to my usual action, I will not rock the vote today.  It's not because I'm lazy or disinterested, but because I found out that I am NOT a resident of Lilburn, or any other city for that matter.  I am only governed by Gwinnett County, NOT by the city of Lilburn.  So, I will not vote.  I can't vote in this particular election.

Thanks to all of you who can and will!  Good Luck!!

Tue, Nov. 6th, 2007, 01:12 am

Attention Georgia Residents:

Today is a voting day!  Take part in the Georgia general municipal election/special elections.

....though it would be helpful if any website ever on the planet told you who was running for what.

Mon, Nov. 5th, 2007, 10:56 am
The Purpose of This Blog

The Katien Constitution


I, the person of the United States, in order to form a more perfect America, establish this blog. I am appalled by the lack of true liberty granted to the people of the United States. I intend, through my best effors, to restore American liberty as dreamed of by our founding fathers and once again make this great nation of the people, by the people, for the people.

The Bill of Rights

1. This is a PRO-AMERICAN blog. That does not mean what many people think it means. Pro-American doesn't mean America is perfect and that everyone has to like everything that happens involving America. In fact, because this blog is pro-American, there will be many complaints about current laws, administrations, actions, etc., because I want America to be an even greater place.
2. This is a liberty based blog, not an open forum for socialists to get on their high horses about how wrong America is about everything.
3. Disabled comments means DISABLED COMMENTS! If an entry is posted with disabled comments, that means the issue is not open for debate. That doens't mean, go to some other post and write your stupid opinion there. NO COMMENTS MEANS NO COMMENTS!
4. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but this may not be the best place to express it. I would never deny someone's rights to freedom of speech, but there is a time and place for everything.
5. This is a private blog, not a community. Don't expect to be treated like a community member. This is not a community. This is MY blog. If you get in an arguement with someone, it's not my problem. If you cause drama, you're blocked. If you don't like someone, don't ask me to un-friend that person.
6. Political INCORRECTNESS is welcomed! Curse words, racial slurs, dirty political jokes, the 7 words you can't say....all are welcomed provided they have
7. Humor aside, this is a serious blog. Not everything on this blog will be altogether serious and true. However, every post is meant to contain an item of sincere concern, jokes aside.
8. Many things expressed here are MY opinions! You agree, great. You don't agree, I don't care.
9. You do not have the right NOT to be offended There is no constitutional amendment that grants this right, so don't expect it from me.
10. America, FUCK YEAH!


11. This blog may, at any time, be changed from a private blog to a community. As of now, this blog is not so popular. If popularity increases enormously, a community may be formed, but is not guaranteed.
12. All people are allowed to vote. From time to time, polls may be posted. Votes from all humans are welcomed and appreciated.
13. You have the right to peaceably protest this blog....somwhere else. Comments that criticize me personally and directly dispute the purpose of this blog will be deleted immediately, users banned, no exceptions.
14. You must comment to this entry to be friended. In order to be friended on this blog, read the constitution, comment, and then you will be added. Members who joined before this post are exempt from this amendment.

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